Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Free project - Fabric postcard Valentines

I made these with my not-quite-three-year-old daughter for her preschool classmates. She picked out fabrics and manned the glue stick; I manned the sewing machine and occasionally told her where to stick things down. It probably took me under an hour to make the five I needed for her class.


  1. Sew fabric scraps together until you have a piece that's at least 4"x6". Repeat to make a second piece.
  2. Use the glue stick to apply glue to one side of the interfacing or Timtex, then adhere it to the wrong side of one of the pieces you made in the first step. Repeat for the other side of the interfacing or Timtex.
  3. Zigzag stitch or serge around the edge of the interfacing or Timtex, making sure you drop the needle off the edge so that one side of the zigzag is sewing through just the fabric. Trim the excess fabric, being careful not to cut into the stitching.
  4. Use the glue stick to apply glue to more fabric scraps, then adhere them to one or both sides of the postcard.
  5. Stitch slightly inside the edge of these fabric scraps to raw-edge applique them to the postcard.
  6. If you wish, stitch a message onto the postcard (use a darning foot, drop your feed dogs, and spell it out in cursive ... or program your fancy sewing machine to embroider it for you, Ms. Lazypants!)

1 comment:

christina said...

very cute! I love when valentines are made for kids instead of those shiny, preforated, lottery ticketish things you buy from the store. Plus you got to work on a project with your budding artist.