Thursday, September 18, 2014

Check it out - I'm getting paid to actually use my degree!

First, my boss asked me to start writing ad copy for our online store:

Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal is a luscious fingering weight wool with just enough cashmere to make it something special.  A tweedy single-ply, this yarn is both lofty (read: warm) and easy to work with.  Try a versatile neutral like Snowdrift, which has a cream base and touches of blue and yellow in the tweedy bits ... or go for the wilder Blackberry with its black base and flashes of bright primary colors.  And check out the pattern support Debbie Bliss has provided - you can use Fine Donegal to make beautiful garments, accessories, and more!

Then she asked me to make some tutorials to post on the shop blog and newsletter:

And design some projects and write up the patterns to use in the shop.  So, after only like 10 years, I'm finally getting paid to do the subject in which I got a master's degree!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Reincarnation Sock Pattern

After a lapse of, well, way too long, I'm back in the pattern-writing saddle again!  First up:  Reincarnation Socks, the socks with a (replaceable) sole!

I got sick of having to throw out my handknit socks when I wore holes under the balls of my feet - it just didn't make sense to try to repair something that badly damaged.  But with this new construction technique, I can easily replace the toes, soles, and heels of any socks, with any yarn.  Sweet!
Plus, the pattern is in worsted weight wool on size 5 needles, so it goes zippy-quick.  And the Liberty Wool I used for the sample pair looks sooo cool when this technique is used - definitely an eye-catcher!

If you're interested in purchasing a pattern, you have three choices:
 - visit River Colors Studio, either online or in person, and pick up a copy there.
 - order one from my etsy shop.
 - in a hurry?  Download one NOW from my Ravelry page.

As always, I am available for moral and technical support while you're working on your project.  Just contact me through the blog, etsy, or Ravelry and let me know what's on your mind!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skipping Stones Afghan

It's gonna be a biiiiiig blanket if I use all this yarn .... Of course, since I can make one of these circles in one night, at least the giant project won't take forever to complete (I hope).

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Eleven down, three to go!

Today was my turn to drive on the Yarn Discovery Tour (no time to knit in the car! Boo!). We visited Pepper Pike, Cleveland, Chardon, Chagrin Falls, and Aurora (not in that order), which despite being all on the "east side" of town STILL took almost 8 hours.

I'm 11-for-11 on finding sock yarns that coordinate to use in my official blanket project. It was harder today - not all of the shops are sock-centric, and I had to be pickier about colors to keep things balanced. I think I made good choices, though, with the help of my friend and some employees who were well versed in color theory. Thanks, ladies - I can't wait to see how this turns out (and whether I can get that odd blue I picked yesterday to ever work with the rest - or whether it will become some very nice thank-you socks for my friend!).

Anyway, here's today's haul, including the awesome clown-barf roving I found, all of the free patterns (wow, you guys made BOOKLETS to give out?!?), and all of the sock yarn project selections for today. I'm taking tomorrow off, then finishing up on Monday with the Akron-area shops, and my own workplace on Tuesday.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Six in one blow!

That's right - my friend and I hit 3 stores, I visited 1 after I dropped her off, and I went to 2 more with LazyKid. The West Side is done - and I have a somewhat ludicrous amount of yarn to hide before my husband comes home.

If you're doing the tour tomorrow, look for me and my friend on the East Side!

Let's discover

I'm pleased to announce that this year River Colors Studio will be offering two exclusive Lazy Mama patterns as giveaways during the Yarn Discovery Tour!  "Tourists" will have their choice of two patterns being debuted during the tour - a new and improved version of the knit Mario's Brother Scarf, and a crochet pattern I'm calling the Mario's Cousin Scarf (because it's in the same family, but looks a little different).

Both patterns are easy to memorize and can be made using just about any weight of yarn you'd like use - we've got shop samples and swatches made from everything from laceweight up through bulky, and the patterns look cool in every one!

So if you're Touring, make sure to include River Colors Studio on your itinerary ... and if you're there on a Tuesday or Thursday, be sure to say hi to me, as I'll be working those days!

In the flurry of getting the patterns and the shop ready for the Tour, I almost forgot to mention that I'm a Tourist, too!  My friend and I spent a long time this weekend plotting which shops to hit when to make this the most streamlined event we could, because both of our schedules are crazy this time of year.

I'm hitting the road in about 15 minutes to pick up my friend, and we're visiting all of the far west shops today.  Then we swing back to her house, drop her off, I go pick up my daughter from school, and since she asked me soooo nicely, LazyKid and I will be hitting a couple more shops after school, too.  Then Saturday the friend and I hit the road again for shops on the far east side of town (while LazyHusband looks after our kids), and Monday we're scheduled to visit the shops down near Akron.  That leaves us with a couple shops scattered in the area near where we live to pick up on our own over the next two weeks ... so we actually stand a chance of completely filling our passports this year!

Wish us luck ... and if you see a pair of almost-40 ladies with a GPS in one hand, a large dose of caffeine in the other, and yarn balanced on top of their heads, that'll be us!  Stop by and say howdy, okay?  (and maybe offer to carry that yarn for us ... as long as you don't try to swipe it and buy it for yourselves!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp Mom, week 2

This week we're working with pencils. We've checked out 8 billion books about manga, comics, colored pencil techniques, botanical illustration, etc.

I've taught her how to use the side of a pencil to reveal secret messages indented in a "blank" piece of paper. We've learned about the wonders of colorless blending pencils, and how they can make even badly-colored stuff look much more polished.

We have blank books to make comics and/or flip books. We have kneadable erasers and wood-free graphite sticks and a whole bag of artist-grade colored pencil stubs (courtesy of Lazy Grandma's mad yardsale skills).

What we don't have are any pictures of our projects - I guess I'll have to take some later this week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Camp Mom, day 2

Rolled paper beads, courtesy of one page of a Penzey's catalog, some glue, and some sparkly but clear nail polish. We'll string them with some "normal" beads in a future project.

Lots of other stuff in the works, which can't be revealed until after Sunday