Monday, February 11, 2008

How I'm staying sane

Have I mentioned that my daughter seems to think this month is the perfect time to give up napping? Argh!

The only way to maintain my sanity is to give her something she can do while I work on the computer for an hour sometime during the day. Last week that involved peanut butter toast, dress up clothes, and a Bear in the Big Blue House DVD from the library.

You'd be amazed how much crochet you can do during one episode of Sesame Street ... I can finish most of the body of an Easter bunny before it's even time for Elmo's World. If our DVD player and/or DVR break down, my productivity is going to go down the drain.


Laura said...

Better hope your daughter doesn't do what my son did a few years ago, and decide to "cook" the DVR card (the little credit card looking thing) in the microwave, until it melts, LOL! Well, it wasn't so funny when he did it. You know, even when kids get older, they still find ways to interrupt you. And I have two of them, so it seems like everytime I'm trying to do something important, they start arguing about something, sigh... Sometimes I wonder if they were the same sex, or just closer in age, or both, if it would be better, but probably not.

Gretchen said...

la la la la la I'm not listening, Laura! Don't you have some crochet to do? ;)

Laura said...

I got a lot of crocheting done when my office closed at 3 today because of the weather, and I got stuck sitting on the bus for an HOUR : ((what should have been a 25 minute ride) because of the freeway being backed up. You westsiders have it good - I'm convinced that you have a lot less snow and more/better freeways into/out of downtown, LOL! Hey, at least I had some no-interruptions crocheting time!