Sunday, February 17, 2008


So the ill-fated alpaca sausage-tube-of-a-sweater has been cut free, although I still haven't found the guts to frog it and deal with the skein-and-a-half of kinky yarn I'll be left with.

That hasn't stopped me from using the remaining yarn to start a new sweater, this time one where my guage was spot on, and there's a lot of play in the directions so I should avoid a repeat of the last disaster. And the design is one that's unlike anything I have in my closet right now, and it's actually a winter-weight style, so the warmth of the alpaca won't be an issue.

I'm using the yarn doubled, which makes the whole wrap-and-drop-the-wraps-on-the-next-row thing a little on the dicey side. I actually had to switch to a long circular needle for one row where there were five wraps for each stitch ... that's more than 400 wraps and stitches on the needles for that row! It's going very fast, though, and after starting at the waist a few nights ago, I'm now about 3" below the armpit area. Hopefully I'll make it through the armpit cast-offs tonight, and it will start looking like the front of a sweater instead of just a pulled-stitch holey mess.

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