Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Silly, silly woman

A few years ago I had the idea to collect the signatures of my favorite authors on fabric, and turn it into a reading quilt. I know, I'm just a cesspool of wackiness sometimes.

Anyway, after tracking down a few authors at book signings, realizing a few others were dead, getting no response from a few (ungrateful louts), and getting some by mail, I sort of hit a wall. I was out of people to ask for signatures, but I didn't have enough blocks for a decent quilt. So the supplies for the quilt have been sitting in a nicely labeled shoebox on the shelf in the closet of two different houses now.

Earlier this year it occurred to me that I might be able to flesh out the quilt if I included autographs from my favorite craft authors and bloggers, but I've yet to do anything about it. That is, until the Yarn Harlot announced the locations for her upcoming book tour, and I realized she's coming nowhere near me. Wahhhh!

But all is not lost! My parents live close enough to Philadelphia that I'm actually considering making the trip there in May to see the Harlot's appearance at this: . Might even drag the kid and the grandmother with me and send them off to the storytime tent while I stand in line with my Sharpie and a square of muslin taped to a piece of cardboard.

Or, I could just send the muslin up to Canada and see if I can get her to sign it long-distance. But then I wouldn't get to show her whatever sock-in-progress I have going in May ... oh, the decisions!

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