Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp Mom, week 2

This week we're working with pencils. We've checked out 8 billion books about manga, comics, colored pencil techniques, botanical illustration, etc.

I've taught her how to use the side of a pencil to reveal secret messages indented in a "blank" piece of paper. We've learned about the wonders of colorless blending pencils, and how they can make even badly-colored stuff look much more polished.

We have blank books to make comics and/or flip books. We have kneadable erasers and wood-free graphite sticks and a whole bag of artist-grade colored pencil stubs (courtesy of Lazy Grandma's mad yardsale skills).

What we don't have are any pictures of our projects - I guess I'll have to take some later this week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Camp Mom, day 2

Rolled paper beads, courtesy of one page of a Penzey's catalog, some glue, and some sparkly but clear nail polish. We'll string them with some "normal" beads in a future project.

Lots of other stuff in the works, which can't be revealed until after Sunday

Monday, June 11, 2012

Camp Mom, day 1

In an effort to keep from going crazy this summer, LazyKid and I have planned out 11 weeks of art projects to try.

This week's focus is on glue - decoupage, paper mâché, etc. So far we've decoupaged some of her artwork onto a notebook, primed 3 projects for future decoupage use, and made rolled paper beads. I'm pretty sure my table is going to be a disaster area all week, if not all summer.

Sounds like fun to me!