Sunday, September 07, 2008

Attack of the (formerly) UFOs

After a brief family meeting, it was decided that I would take some time this weekend to get started on my holiday etsy shop sewing, since I've got Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all looming on the horizon. My first goal was to clear out some of the UFOs that have been hanging around, clogging up the cutting table and taking up space in my brain.

So, in roughly the order they were completed, here's the list of the FOs from this weekend:
  1. SWAK blanket as a gift for a friend.
  2. Two custom mermaid costumes.
  3. A school bag for Lazy Kid, who starts "real" preschool tomorrow.
  4. Some throw pillow covers for Christmas, made from redwork patterns I got here. Sorry for the embarrassingly bad photo, but I was in a hurry. Notice I've got two pillow covers but only one pillow? Waiting for a sale at Joanns to get another one ...
  5. Two eyelet lace SWAK blankets for the shop.
  6. A Halloween Hexagon quilt from stash fabric, which is all basted and ready to start quilting.
  7. Three madras plaid homespun SWAK blankets for the shop.
  8. A swirly wool toddler/child hat that I'm insanely proud I designed myself. See how the stripes swirl and decrease toward the top of the hat? Brilliant!
  9. Pieces for the next baby quilt for the shop cut out and ready to start piecing.
  10. And, if I stop typing and get my butt in gear, I may be able to finish my first pair of winter socks of the season, which are about 3/4" from the toe decreases right now.

So I'm going off to watch football (yawn) and knit furiously fast. Hope your weekend was equally productive!


Laura said...

Very cute projects, especially the pillows. Those are so pretty!

Gretchen said...

Laura - the patterns are free, and you can use any embroidery stitch to do them on any fabric you have handy. You totally need to try them - they make great portable projects, especially since they only require one color of thread!