Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sewing for Lazy Kid

Child's Sock Pattern by Lucy H. Lee, found for free via Ravelry. Knit from Soxx Appeal by Knit One, Crochet Too, I think the colorway was Purple Haze. Fun, fast knit, even if they are done on size 2 DPNs. Gah.

Next up: A bean bag chair with a secret.

It's filled with all of Lazy Kid's stuffed animals, which she never uses for anything, anyway, but won't let me throw out. Hah! Now the kid has a place to sit when she watches videos in my studio, and I have extra room to store toys she actually uses. Not bad for coming from a free pattern and using up stash fabric ... even if I did have to use pins to sew on the bottom and top. Pins are evil, have I mentioned that recently?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I just realized that I have a vacation to pack for, and NO SUITABLE KNITTING TO TAKE WITH ME. The horror! The horror! Must buy more yarn!


Laura said...

That is a really awesome idea! Very clever!

jaya pratheesh said...

That is a wonderful idea and i'm smacking my head why I did not think of that! Now I know what to do with all those stuffed, furry stuff:) that collects dust on top of the armoire.

I've wanted to make a beanbag forever, from the time my first DD was a baby. She loves playing in that chair ... thanks for the idea!