Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New merchandise

Cute little lined cotton zip bags, with a strap suitable for use around a child's or adult's wrist. I made one for Lazy Kid, who had plenty of purses but none that actually closed, so when she took her change to the mall to ride on the little rides, she'd sling the purse around and quarters would go flying everywhere. The bag turned out so cute that I thought there might be a market for them. Find all four designs in the "bags" section of my etsy shop.

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Laura said...

Very clever idea! I always give my kids my spare change, to spend at the corner store, and Bethany has purses to carry it around it, but Dominic being a boy, doesn't have that option. He ends up sticking his in his pocket if he has on shorts or pants with pockets, or just carrying it, and he inevitably ends up losing some. When I have another job I'll have to order one of those for Dominic.