Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mermaid tail for dress-up

Okay, when Lazy Kid spends all morning playing with her new imaginary friend, Alice the Mermaid, you can't expect me to refrain from busting out the sequins during naptime to make a mermaid tail, can you? Didn't think so.

Not bad for freehanding the design and basing the sizing off of a pair of leggings I swiped from her room after she was asleep. The fabric choice is admirably scaly (and from my stash, so therefore both free and studio-clearing), but the edges of the sequins are scratchy and have caused Lazy Kid to collapse in hysterics at least three times (since 4pm). Of course, she collapses in hysterics at least twice a day anyway, so it's probably not so bad, but I think any future iterations of this design will be made from the softer fabric Lazy Grandma used to make the shirt.

Future versions probably won't be lined in purple silk, either, but hey - I had it in the stash, and it was exactly the right size to fit the pattern pieces, so what's not to love about that? My daughter may have the only silk-lined dress up clothes in the state (country?), but that's fine by me.

So, how much would you be willing to pay for one of these for your daughter/granddaughter/niece/friend's kid? Would $30 be too much for a reversible, shiny-on-one-side, custom-fit play skirt? Too little? What do you think?


Laura said...

Very cute! She's a lucky kid to have a mom who can whip up costumes during nap time! That's got to be great during Halloween time.

I dread going to the store for Halloween costumes - they're all way overpriced and mostly cheaply made.

Then if I go to Walmart or Target, they'll all picked over, and packages ripped open, and pieces missing.

Last year we went to one of the party supply stores, where costumes aren't kept out on the shelves, but then we literally ended up waiting half an hour just to have the costumes the kids wanted brought out from the stockroom. Sigh... I guess I need to learn how to sew.

LazyTcrochet said...

That is really cute!