Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Anyone need a few moving boxes?

Welcome to Lazy Mama HQ, otherwise known as The Room That Will Be My Combined Office and Sewing Room, Should I Ever Unpack Enough Boxes To Find The Floor Again. Chest-high, those piles of boxes are, and all of that stuff has to go somewhere. I'll be able to weed out a few things - there's going to be a massive yard sale here in a month or two, so drop by if you're near Ohio - but most of it's necessary.

On the positive side of things, several of the projects I need to do to perk up the rooms in my new house are things that I plan to adapt to be Lazy Mama designs, so there should be some new home dec patterns and quilts coming in the next few weeks/months.

Oh, and here's a quick "Thanks!" to the folks at the Mad Hatter's Quilt Box near San Diego for their recent reorder ... glad the patterns are selling so well, ladies!

Okay, back into the unpacking grind. Hope to have less boring stuff to discuss soon!

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