Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Toddler socks

Finished embarrassingly late last night:
Yarn: something worsted weight from my stash of moderate-to-junky yarns ... I'm not even sure if it's acrylic or wool. I suspect it's acrylic, but I'm not about to run the socks through the washer to find out!

Needles: Size 6 DPNs

Notes: No wrapping to turn the heel! The pattern calls for making a flap, and then you pick up stitches down both sides of the flap to form the heel. Much less confusing than the short row heel I did on my first pair of socks, but I have a feeling it makes for a clunkier heel. In these that's actually good - the flap is made in a k1,sl1 pattern, which makes for a ridiculously dense finished fabric.
The pattern was developed for Children In Common, a charity that ships supplies over to Russian orphans who have not yet been adopted. Apparently warm socks are one thing the kids always need, no matter how many they send over. Anyway, since the socks will fit some kid no matter what size they turn out to be, there was no gauge on the pattern, and I was just hoping they would turn out to be the right size for some kid I knew. Luckily, they're the right size for my daughter, at least for the next few minutes! Not sure if they'll still fit this winter, but I can always make another pair on 7's or 8's if I need to. I think these took maybe 8 hours, start to finish ... okay, maybe a little more than that, but I finished the second sock in one naptime and two movies.
Oh, one last thing. I ran out of yarn about 1/2" from the end of the last sock. Can you tell which one has the different yarn spliced in? God, I'm good.

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