Monday, April 23, 2007

More knitty goodness

From Knitted Toys, by Fiona McTague. Made from no-dye-lot cheapo acrylic yarn from my stash of stuff I used when I didn't know any better. Many thanks to my (soon-to-be-former) neighbor Sonia for fishing it out of my stash and mailing it to me at the hotel. And many thanks to my former neighbor Sybil for loaning me some Fiberfil so I wouldn't have to carry empty Zebra parts down to Kentucky this weekend.
It's funny, but from this photo, you can barely tell that the zebra's head is larger than his body, making him look like an escaped prison inmate with a wicked case of macrocephaly. Thanks to the indestructible nature of this yarn and how quickly the kid latched onto it when it wasn't even done yet, this sucker's going to be mocking me for a long, long time.
Next up: attempting to recreate this in crochet, as well as making some penguins and polar bears for potential future Etsy listings. I've still got 1/4 skein of black and 1/2 a skein of white, after all!

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