Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WIP Tuesday

Here's a look at what's on my design wall ... er, cutting table, lounging around until I get a few hours to start a relatively tedious pin-and-sew-as-you-go session. Tentative pattern name: Southwood Squares.Unless I totally wimp out and/or get hit by a bus, this will be my first bed-sized pattern, and it will include directions for both pieced and raw-edge applique versions. Why? Because I need to make two of them for my guest room anyway! And making the same quilt twice gives me the heebie-jeebies, but making two different versions of the same basic idea doesn't offend my sensibilities nearly as much.

Very productive today - in one of my daughter's naptimes I managed to dig out the planning sketches I did when we were living in the hotel, confirm that I actually had enough yardage of the fabrics, cut the squares and sashing strips for the pieced version, cut the background and squares for the applique version, and cut backs for both quilts. There's going to be a whole lot of sewin' goin' on next week - yay!

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