Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A cautionary tale

Once upon a time (Tuesday) I bought one of those squishy U-shaped neck pillows for my daughter to use with her new carseat, which otherwise seemed to propel her sleeping head forward at a dangerously lolling angle that looked worrisome (and uncomfortable). But when we got the pillow home and tried it out, it was way to overstuffed to work around her little nubbin of a neck.

"Not a problem!" I thought, getting out the seam ripper. "I'll just take out some of the beads and redistribute the rest of them so it's more comfortable for her."

The seam ripper was, of course, in my sewing room, so I sat down and started working on the project. I had a plastic bag all ready to catch the beads, and the three-year-old was safely engaged in some diverting activity far, far away. I had forgotten how much fun it is to work with polystyrene beads ... and these were literally the size of pinheads, they were that small. I should know, since they're now spread all over my studio. See that stuff on my jeans? It's not dandruff. Thank you, ceiling fan.

Thank you, static electricity.

(Hee - that looks like my hand is being swarmed by albino aphids)

Thank you, Lazy Kid, for the photos, especially the action shot of me attempting to milk the little monsters out of the nipple that was obviously their entry point during the original construction process. If anyone needs any help milking nanny goats or heifers, let me know - I had an hour of practice this afternoon.

Eventually I wised up and took the project out onto the front porch, where I ended up spreading beads all over the porch, sidewalk, and flower bed. I'm going to be vacuuming the little buggers out of my house for months. Grrrrr. At least the significantly smaller pillow works - that would have been the kicker if I went through all that and it still didn't work. Now I just have to find a place to store the beads where Certain People can't find them or reach them.

Note to self: All projects involving fake fur and/or polystyrene beads must be completed outside the house, preferably outside the county.


Laura said...

Well, it's not all bad now the cats have something to play with! My cat will chase anything that rolls. Lately though she's been pouncing on cotton swabs. I had a box of them, dropped one of the bathroom floor a few weeks ago, and she entertained herself for about 10 minutes pouncing on it. And the funny thing is, she still gets excited whenever she sees a cotton swab, ha, ha! But for some reason, she won't play with cat toys. I guess it's like how she'll curl up to sleep on a pile of newspapers or a cardboard box, but she's only used her cat bed twice in the past few years she's had it. Go figure.

Laura said...

P.S. Your comment about milking animals reminded me to tell you that Lake Farmpark is having a "Woolfest" (yarn!) on June 28th and 29th.

LazyTcrochet said...

HAHAHA sorry, but I can just picture do such a great job at describing everything! I'll be LOL'ing in my sleep.
Oooh Woolfest and I won't be home darn it!