Monday, January 14, 2008

WIP Monday - Look familiar, Kylie-Ann?

When we lived in Japan I stocked up on used kimono fabric in a variety of colors, including some very nice silks. This wasn't an easy purchase, since it involved buying used kimonos, then ripping out all the seams, washing the fabric, ironing it, and sticking all the fabric in a plastic tote for eight years. No, not kidding about the length of time.

Before it went into hibernation, though, I made a couple quilts out of the silk, including one for our friend Kylie-Ann. I only made two quilts with it, primarily because while the silk drapes beautifully and looks great when it's done, it stretches like a rubberband and will not stay where I want it to. You know when you crack an egg and get a piece of shell in the egg white, and every time you try to grab it it squirts out between your fingers? Yeah, that's pretty close to what it's like.

While I was working on K-A's quilt, I made an extra block that's been sitting in my UFO* drawer for, you guessed it, eight years. Well, in my effort to come up with projects I can finish quickly to sell on etsy without investing a lot in materials, I dug a bunch of UFOs out to work on. This one is first, and it will be going on for some time, since I decided to hand-quilt portions of it, which is going to take me forever. So much for making something that will give me a good return for the amount of time I invest in it ... but I couldn't stand to let it sit in the drawer any longer, and it's going to look so good when I get it done.

Likely next project - using up the leftover pieces from a double wedding ring quilt I made for Jason's friend's wedding like five years ago. I seem to remember there was a high curse-to-sewing ratio on that project, so if you see a blue cloud drifting over from Ohio, you'll know I've started.

Stupid UFO drawer. Somebody hand me a big chunk of uncut flannel so I can go make a baby blanket or something.

*UFO - UnFinished Object

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