Saturday, January 05, 2008


So I've been working for the past week on developing a new quilt pattern to roll out in January, and I've got the sample made and the text written and the photos finished and I've printed out the first copy to proofread ... and then last night it occurred to me that I've been meaning to make a Valentine's Day version of the Simple Snowflake pattern, and if I want to be able to sell it this year, I'm going to have to pull some late nights to get the sucker done, since I haven't even started it yet.


Good thing I already had some Valentiney prints in my stash, and I had a chance to run over and get some coordinating fabrics without the two-year-old who likes to play hide-and-seek at Joann's, and Jason's going over to a friend's house tonight and won't be home until 2am. Can you say, marathon quilting session? I can!

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