Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm so excited!

1. One of Jason's birthday socks was finished on his birthday! So he can hop proudly, at least for a week or so until I finish the other one.

2. I came up with a realllllly cool new idea for a series of quilts. I need to let it stew a little more and do some planning, but the concept has definitely got promise. Want a hint? One of the titles in the series may be "2D6."

3. I did some reorganization in my studio, and I now have all of my yarn stash in two plastic totes ... and a plastic shoebox ... and a couple bags that house yarn for my WIP pile. But that's it! Of course, I only did that by switching the yarn out of three small totes and into two large ones, while taking the contents of the large totes (upholstery fabric and silk), pitching about 1/3 of it, setting 1/3 of it aside to see if I can foist it off on fellow Cleveys, and packing the rest back up in the smaller totes. But still - two totes! That means I can go buy more yarn, right?

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Laura said...

Always time to buy new yarn, LOL! : ) I have a lot of my yarn in a plastic 3 drawer rolling cart from Target - it works really well.