Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little Capers

Alright, I don't know if this technically counts as handmade, but it is from a smaller company, and it is made in the USA, and it does support fellow moms-with-ideas, so I'm prepared to count it.

In the interest of prodding my daughter away from fairies and princesses (and toward clothing that might protect her from frostbite in the coming months), I purchased the following from Little Capers:
That's a long-sleeve t-shirt with generic super hero logo on the front, and a detachable cape on the back. Hurray for non-licensed superheroes! Hurray for capes! Hurray for washable costumes that can be worn in public and will fit in the carseat!

This is not a cheap gift, but if it's something that she can wear every day which will forestall at least part of the "you have to take that off to eat/sleep/go outside" arguing, it will be worth every penny. Assuming that she will wear it at all, mind you. She'll probably use it to top off that god-awful poofy ballet skirt I'm making, which will serve me right, I guess, but maybe, just maybe, I can get her to wear a pair of jeans. Once.

Little Capers come in various generic superhero styles (you've got to check them out - the Saturn one is soooooo cool!), in sizes from 6 months up to 6 years. Available at local boutiques in many states, the shirts are also available for purchase direct from the company at .


Laura said...

Don't worry, your daughter will outgrown the ballet skirt/costume dress up phase eventually, and then you'll probably miss it, LOL! My daughter will be 10 next month, and it's so hard to get her to wear anything but jeans and t-shirts. Every now and then she'll wear a dress, but rarely, because she hates tights (says they itch), and she's too old for fancy ruffled socks with dresses. She has a closet full of pretty summer dresses with tags still on them that she hasn't worn (guess I learned my lesson about buying them!) By the time next summer rolls around, I think she'll have outgrown them. Maybe I'll put them on Ebay then.

Enjoy this time while you can!

Anonymous said...

Cute...that will bring hours of creative role-playing I bet. i need to refer all my students parents to that.