Sunday, December 09, 2007

(Almost) No Sew Fairy Skirt

Instructions to follow as soon as I actually finish the skirt, but I couldn't wait to share photos of Her Royal Highness Of The Constant Fairy-ing and Princess-ing and Dancing:

First iteration: Just tulle. Four yards of tulle. And a lot of static electricity.

Second iteration: Four yards of tulle, plus 20 yards of ribbon (and a lot of static electricity)

Next up: A yard of sparkly fabric that shreds itself if you look at it sideways, and (maybe) jingle bells, if the kid lets me

Wait until you see how easy these are - you're going to smack yourself in the forehead that you didn't think of it first. I didn't come up with it - I think I found the idea on Parenthacks or something - but I'm running wild with it, and I'm willing to write it up to share with others.

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Laura said...

How cute! I miss my daughter being little enough to wear that kind of stuff! She's almost 10 now. She started to refuse to wear anything "ruffly" especially ruffled socks when she was 5, and decided those kinds of things were for babies, LOL! I have a new niece coming in January, so I guess I'll have to shower her with the ruffly, frilly stuff!