Friday, April 20, 2007


Pattern: Plymouth Yarn Design Studio: Sockotta Hat and Socks
Yarn: Opal handpainted superwash sock and sweater yarn, color 20

If you try these, be warned that if you follow the directions as written, you'll end up with the rows of toe decreases going vertically from the bottom of your middle toe to the top, rather than horizontally across the ends of your toes. I fixed the pattern for the second sock, then went back and fixed the first one that looked decidedly odd. Also, the directions for doing the short rows aren't really too clear, and I'm fairly sure that I'm not doing them precisely right, because my heels are still a little holey.

On the positive side, they fit, they're warm enough to wear in the dead of winter, and they're bright enough that my husband probably won't throw them in the dryer by accident. Plus, super-cool retro slouchy goodness. Hooray!

Next up: a zebra toy for Liza to use up some awful acrylic yarn from my stash. I'm knitting from a pattern on this one, but I'm thinking I could make up my own crochet pattern to make something similar. Maybe once I've finished this one ... and the stash-buster stuffed dog that's scheduled for after that ...

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