Sunday, January 14, 2007

Crawling out from under the crafting rock

I've been in the zone, trying to finish a sweater, so that I can move on to all the other projects that sound like much more fun than something crocheted out of chunky wool. That means I've been devoting all of my evenings (and some nap times, too) to yarn, not blogging, which is why I've been sort of quiet this week.

You can tell I'm Mama first, crafter second nowdays ... when Jason asked me how much longer before I'd be able to sew it together, I told him I'd probably be able to finish by the end of the next Baby Einstein video. I actually needed to use the special features on the DVD to drag it out long enough to finish, but I was pretty close.

So here it is:

And yes, that's my minty fresh bathroom, and yes, those are my pajama bottoms, which I didn't change out of until about 4:30 today ... now that's what I call a Good Day!!

On a technical note, I've been having some crochet gauge issues with the Happy Hooker patterns, so I took the time to make a guage swatch for this sweater before I started. I never do that. Figures that the time I check it, I was exactly on the money. Since all of my projects from the Happy Hooker book have been too small ... way, way too small ... and this pattern was from a different source, I'm starting to think that the folks at Stitch n Bitch crochet ridiculously loosely. My next two adult projects (that's projects for me, not the kid ... get your mind out of the gutter!) are from the Happy Hooker, so I'll let you know how many sizes of hook I have to go up to get the gauge right. I'm guessing at least two or three.

Oh, and here's how the challenge quilt is coming. I'm 3/8ths of the way done!
Actually, more than that, since I've finished one of the two fiendishly difficult blocks (see the overlapping stars in the bottom right corner? Had to paper piece the blue ones, then paper piece the pieced pieces into place exactly right so the points would line up ... and I got them right the first time, thank god). Hooray!
This is the first time that I've actually cared enough about a quilt to RESEW things that aren't exactly right. See how all the star points touch, and aren't cut off, and the folds that you can't see in the photo pretty much line up? That's because I've gone back and ripped out and redone at least one seam in every block, and usually sewn the block intersections at least 1 1/4 times each. And I've yet to curse at it ... not counting when I cut the fabric too small for the purple star, but that's allowable, as it means I'm going to have to order another piece of fabric to finish the quilt.
Check the shop for new patterns ... and I've got another one coming soon, as soon as I get off my butt and write it up.

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