Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My daughter, the artist

The other night I traced off some of my daughter's drawings to embroider as part of an ongoing project.  The most recent one I chose is, without a doubt, my favorite drawing ever.  

Need any explanation of the awesomeness?
It's the first time she's put a body underneath the clothes (or put the girl in something other than just a triangle for a body/dress).  It's the first time she's drawn a cape.  It's the first time she's drawn eyelashes on the girl.  It's the first time she's used triangles for noses.  What really cracks me up is her saying, "I sort of messed up Lewis's eye, but I fixed it so it just looks like he's winking at me."

First carriage.  First wheels with spokes.  First time drawing people sitting in chairs.  Also, the goblets crack me up.

I think this might be Lewis's mom (on the dragon-looking horse) and little brother (in the tower).  This is awesome because, dude, it's a chick in armor on a horse with a sword and a shield, and a boy stranded in the tower.  And the tower roof has shingles.  Plus, the peace sign on the shield cracks me up.

First feathers, first attempt to draw a bird that looks anything like an actual bird.  Also, the "caw" cracks me up.

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