Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling all smug in a MacGyverish sort of way

Lazy Husband was just getting ready for bed and discovered a rather troubling steady drip of water that is coming from the top of our bedroom window frame and splashing loudly on our windowsill every 0.65 seconds. Aside from the hideous mold this leak is probably causing in our walls and attic, the sound is enough to drive you insane while trying to go to sleep.

Putting down a towel on the sill didn't help, it just made it into more of a splat than a plink, and at the rate the water is coming out the towel would be completely soaked before morning, anyway. Lazy Husband was about ready to give up and sleep in the guest room tonight when I had a brain flash.

I grabbed the leftover (organic, unbleached, undyed, ridiculously expensive) cotton yarn from this hat, taped one end to the wall above the leak, ran the length of it so it touched the drippy point on the frame, and stuck the other end in a plastic pitcher. Once I wetted down the yarn along its length, the water ran (silently!) down the yarn and into the pitcher.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, craft gods, for helping me get some sleep tonight. Because I'm going to need it when calling repair people tomorrow ...


Laura said...

That was a clever idea, but it's too bad you had to ruin your yarn. : ( Hey, speaking of home repairs, if you ever need a plumber, one of my brothers has a plumbing business on the west side -

organicstills said...

Brilliant idea. We have a leak in the window of our second bedroom that is fortunately being checked out tomorrow, but if it starts dripping again, I'm totally stealing your idea!

LazyTcrochet said...

Wow what a great idea. We had a similar drip in a living room window. Hoping we'll get a new roof and window out of it...before it happens again.