Friday, October 05, 2007

Sorry I've been quiet this week ...

... but JoAnn's had a sale on flannel. You know what that means ... more Swaddled With A Kiss blankets in the etsy shop soon!

Plus, I'm finishing a quilt pattern that Birds of a Feather commissioned to sell along with their pre-fringed flannel squares. Can't show you any of the in-progress shots until I talk it over with Elizabeth to make sure she's okay with it, but let's just say it's way outside my usual comfort range in terms of colorway ... and it's got prairie points. Me, voluntarily doing prairie points - it's like a miracle.

Of course, I looked at the pattern when I was done and said to myself, "Lazy Mama, that would look lovely with giant gerbera daisys and prairie points in hot pink, teal, and bright purple!" Good thing I had a stack of fabric in those colors waiting for inspiration to strike. It's been waiting since 2005, actually, which is both sad (poor lonely fabric) and a miracle (that I haven't cannibalized any of the stack for other projects).

Oh, and I've got a teeny tiny knitting project I've been working on before bed at night -- miniature sweaters as Christmas ornaments! My god, they're so cute, and I can finish the entire front of a sweater in - no kidding - like 15 minutes. If only I could scale up the size of the needles so I could finish a real sweater in the same amount of time .... I'd be knitting with telephone poles.

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