Thursday, October 11, 2007

How disappointing

How disappointing is it to be working with a material you hate, a material that sheds long pink fibers on every surface it touches (and some it doesn't), fibers which pretty much weld themselves onto places you really wish they wouldn't, like your new sweater and black pants. So you're working with the pink stuff, and after a rough start, things are clicking and your piece is coming together remarkably well. After finishing the last seam flawlessly, you flip over the piece to do the overcasting around the edges to keep the Pink Fibers of Death from taking over the world ... and find that you've sewed the pink stuff to the wrong side of the other piece.

Really freakin' disappointing, that how.

Half an hour of seam ripping, 10 minutes of deep breathing, 45 minutes of farting around on other sites trying to get the nerve to go back to it ... and I think I'm ready to resew it. Gah - that's among the most hated words in my vocabulary. Resew. It should have four letters and only be uttered in a gutteral rasp. Of course, most of the words around it usually are, so I guess it evens out.

If you'll excuse me, I have four pounds of pink stuff to pull off of my pants, my sweater, my carpet, my cutting table, my desk, all the pieces for unrelated projects that are within 10' of my sewing machine or cutting table ...

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