Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Knitty weekend

Here's what I managed to put out between Wednesday night and Sunday night:
That's one cotton dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting, one pair of hopefully indestructible toddler socks in ugly acrylic from my stash, one half of a pair of socks for me (made with impossibly thin cotton/wool blend, pattern from Knit Socks Whatever the Yarn), about 2/3rds of a toddler sock in chunky neon blue acrylic, and seven balls of chenille yarn that was salvaged from mill ends from a weaver down in Kentucky. The last is probably the best - I bought a bag of about 5 pounds of chenille pieces a few years ago, not realizing that they were hanks made up of four-foot-long pieces of yarn with other yarn knotted to the ends. To get to the point where I can use the yarn I have to trim off the knots, then knot together the four-foot pieces, then roll it into balls, and make sure the knots end up on the inside when I use it. Waaaaay too much work, but it makes such cute crochet bunnies, and it was so cheap I can actually afford to sell them and make a profit. These are the last balls from the bag - thanks to crafting buddy Sybil for helping with the final push to get these done!

In case you were wondering, I was so insanely productive because I was at a gaming convention Thursday-Sunday. Two hours of riding in a car each way, plus hours of roleplaying games at the convention, plus a few hours of downtime at the hotel, and voila! A sock-tastic weekend! I think the best part was the look on the "serious" gamer's face when I won at Munchkin while turning the heel on my adult sock ... boy, was he ticked.

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