Monday, November 13, 2006

Sweater: accomplished!

Since I've started working on my writing and craft business, I've been pretty good about setting aside my time in the evenings to work on projects that aren't for sale. Sometimes it's hard to walk away from a quilt that needs an hour of work to be finished, but I don't want to turn into one of those people who only makes things to sell, never for her own family.
I, Lazy Mama, have knit an entire sweater! Okay, it's a size 2T, but STILL. This is the one I started when we got home from our vacation in September, so I managed to complete it in about a month and a half of not-quite-every-evening work. Bet you want to see it, huh?
Next up on the While Watching Netflix Movies lineup? Finish a Christmas present I need to have done by Tuesday, and work on some projects out of the Happy Hooker book. And crochet another sweater for Liza. And a few for myself (one of those skull and crossbones sweaters from the Happy Hooker is TOTALLY on my list).

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