Sunday, November 19, 2006

Proof of the superiority of crochet

Working only during nights, weekends, and the occasional naptimes:
Number of weeks it took to knit a size 2T sweater for my daughter in a ridiculously easy design: 8

Number of days it took to crochet a size large sweater for myself: 4
Go, Happy Hooker book! Next up, the Violet Beauregard skirt from the same book. No good shots of that that I can find online - here's the best I can do. If a somewhat novice crocheter can make this in 10 days, I can totally whip it out over Thanksgiving, right?

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Laura said...


Thank you for the very nice comments on my blog. Your daughter always looks dressed so nice in your blog photos - proof that second-hand clothes can look great. : ) I think the sizing is off on that Cupcake sweater - I wear about a size 14 shirt normally, so I tried making both the second largest and largest sizes listed in the book, worked to the measurements, got about halfway done with the back both times, and realized that it would be way too small. I am going to try to attempt it again, but I'm going to measure a similarly shaped shirt of mine, and make it to those measurements. What yarn did you use for yours? It's very pretty.

P.S. Any extra yarn you want to send my way would be great - I would be much appreciative! : )