Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wait, wasn't there something I had planned to do in the past 6 weeks?

Things have been busy around here, but unfortunately, not with stuff that's terribly interesting to anyone other than me.  For example, right now I'm supposed to be simultaneously

- finishing mermaid tail orders #9 and #10 of the fall

- hemming two pairs of my daughter's pants, which currently are 6" too long.  Six inches.  What were they smoking when they designed those?

- putting the finishing touches on a really badly-made quilt for my daughter's room.  She picked out fabric before her birthday - in April - and lost interest in the whole thing as soon as I cut it out.  I lost interest too, and did a seriously half-assed job on the quilting (it's so bad I won't even photograph it to make fun of myself, because oh my god it's awful).  I missed a couple spots with the quilting that I found while binding it, and there are a couple of seams that didn't quite get sewn well enough that need to be reinforced.  And the thing is practically big enough for a queen-size bed, despite being designed for a twin.  It's like the project designed to torment me in as many ways as possible.  I just know I'll finish it, she won't ever use it, and then the cat will throw up all over it one day as it's laying on the floor in her closet.  But at least then it won't be taking up half of my sewing table with its taunting ugliness

- sewing about 48 pairs of legwarmers that are all cut out and waiting on my sewing table

- sewing a new pair of pajamas for my kid.  Flannel-backed-satin feels really, really nice ... I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun to sew with!  Yes, indeed!

- working on the projects for a crochet class I'm supposed to be teaching at my LYS this November

- working on the projects for the kids' craft class I'm supposed to be teaching at my daughter's school this year

- finishing up the pattern for this quilt:
which is also this quilt

And I'm not supposed to be blogging, so I guess that's it for now. Ta!

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