Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things are coming down to the wire

Okay, so I have a week to finish socks for my father, socks for my husband, socks for my daughter, and socks for me. That's doable, right? groan
And yes, the sidebar is right - I do have THREE PAIRS OF SOCKS on the needles right now. Good thing I've got one pair of worsted, one of fingering, and one of lace-weight yarn, so they all take different size needles. And don't even get me started on the logistics of trying to work on these without the intended recipients seeing their own socks (which is why I've got three pairs going at once, so I have a project appropriate for every spare moment of the day).

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LazyTcrochet said...

Oh yeah. We are down to the wire and my hubby said something like, so I guess I won't get my socks again this year. I've never knitted socks...and he's just now mentioning it?? What the heck?
Wishing you and the whole Lazy Family a fabulous holiday!