Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guess what

So guess what's printing, even as I type?

Despite a (temporarily) dead computer, a dead DVD player, and a toddler who's lucky to be alive after what all she pulled today, I finished the pattern for Saturday's trunk show! Four printed, twenty more to go. Come on, ink cartridge, don't fail me now!

New pattern will be available here and on my etsy shop Saturday evening ... gotta give the Birds of a Feather folks first dibs on it.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Those yo-yo's are so pretty! Did your daughter do anything worse than the time my son was 3 1/2, and took the data card from my DVR box by the TV, and cooked it in the microwave? I heard the microwave beep, smelled something burning, and pulled out a melted card. My husband told one of his childless friends about it, and his friend thought it was hilarious. He told his friend to wait until he has kids of his own, and they break and/or wreck stuff in his house.