Monday, March 03, 2008

TGIF (Thank God It's Finished)

A week or so ago I plowed through the last of the piecing on the throw-sized double wedding ring quilt I'm making from leftovers from a previous project.

You can tell I really was paying attention to detail throughout the process... which is why this is now a personal project, not something that's going to be for sale.

And then I hit a wave of massive productivity this weekend, including almost two days without a toddler underfoot (thanks, LazyHusband!), and I completely finished piecing the tablerunner I'm making out of more leftovers from the same project.

This time, though, I split up the work so that I wasn't rushing to get through all the hated parts, doing them five minutes at a time and doing them as right as I'm ever going to. And it looks freakin' awesome.

And I finished two tummy-time quilts (one completely from scratch), and a bunch of SWAK blankets, and got started planning a couple more, and I finished the pattern for the YoMama quilts, which I just sold the first of today. I'm telling you, I was on a roll.

So now I can go and knit some socks for myself, right? Because I'm running out of wool-sock-wearing-weather.


Zulkijora said...
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Laura said...

Lovely projects - all of them! I love the idea for the quilt signed by your favorite authors.

I wouldn't be too sure about running out of wool sock weather - look what happened between Monday and yesterday/today. : (

Laura said...

P.S. I finished your PIF gift, and will be mailing it out soon (it just needs to be blocked first...)