Saturday, September 29, 2007

The etsy store is back in action!

Hooray, I've got a storefront again!

This time I'm keeping the patterns I sell in bricks-and-mortar stores out of the etsy shop, mainly to keep from undercutting the price the stores can get for the patterns. Plus they, ahem, weren't selling last time around ...

Anyway, the etsy shop is going to be the repository for all the actual stuff I have made - baby blankets, tummy time quilts, a series of Mophead-based loveys, etc. I'm gearing up for a local craft show I'll be exhibiting at the first weekend in December, so now I've got double the incentive to get stuff finished and into the "ready to sell" cat-hair-free isolation booth.

So check out the link to my etsy shop in the sidebar, and check back regularly for new items! Thanks!

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