Sunday, March 25, 2007

Super productive weekend

1. Finished the ballet camisole pattern I found online at

I used a bamboo yarn that I had bought for a different project, and ended up having enough to finish ... but just barely. I have a ball of leftover yarn the size of a walnut, I kid you not. Anyway, I liked the fact that the top is shaped, it's knit mostly in the round, and it's generous enough to cover my bra straps. Perfect!

Now if only the location of the switch from "in the round" to "knit-perl" wasn't so obvious (and right across the middle of my chest) ... I've gotta get my perl tension fixed one of these days.

2. Started and finished a pair of fingerless mittens, which I was trying out to see if I liked the pattern and to learn to do cables. Plus, it used up some of the yarn leftover from the sweater I crocheted a few months ago.
Yet another free pattern I found, this time from:
I had originally thought of making a pair of fingerless mittens for my father to wear when he works down at the shipyard (in something more manly than plum wool, of course), but since spring has arrived it looks like I've missed my chance, at least for now. At least now I know how to do a cable ... and since some of the kids we know liked the look of them so much, I've gotten requests for two more sets. I'm working on making them as sweatbands instead of mittens, with the kid's initials instead of the ribs. Should make them the snappiest superheroes on the playground ...
Next up, a cross stitch pattern for Christmas (it's never too early to start, you know), and a third attempt to find a use for some beautiful-but-scratchy wool yarn by Noro. Wish me luck with the frogging!

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